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Clarification News, Wat Phra Dhammakaya 20th February A.D.2017 time 04:45 p.m.

澄清报道,泰国法身寺 2017年2月20日;下午4点45分

There was a text in the news of a senior in the country stated that “will not allow “Dhammakaya” to self-govern exclusively, the authorities must enter to search in every corner and abide by the search warrant according to the order of the court otherwise they will infringe the section 157 of refraining from taking action on duty by designating that it is not important whether they can apprehend Venerable or not but the authorities have to enter the temple, and the temple would like to clarify as follows:


1. Wat Phra Dhammakaya is not being singularity or self-governing since we respect the justice procession and give good cooperation with the government administration all along for the past 3 years including when there is the application of Article 44, though we feel we do not agree with it and it is not fair but we have been giving cooperation with the authorities to search until now, the temple, Luang Por and the related personnel have got the accusation e.g., 3 arrest warrant/ 308 cases /confisgating 6 gates/Sealed and siezed 15 buildings and in the night time the authorities can drive in trucks/cars to bring forces in and out around the compound of 2,000 rais area all the time, therefore, Wat Phra Dhammakaya is thoroughly under the law.

1. 泰国法身寺不属于被孤立或自治,在过去三天,由于我们尊重司法队伍和给予政府行政良好的配合,也包括了执行了临时宪法的第44号法令,虽然我们也觉得不认同与不公平,但我们还是给予有关当局进行搜查至今。而寺院的主持与相关人士,却被指控,例如:发出3项逮捕令;列出了308份案件;充公了6个闸门;查封与扣押了15栋建筑物。且在夜间里,有关当局时刻都把卡车或汽车强行逼入或赶出2000泰亩面积的寺院范围。所以法身寺是彻底受制于法律。

2. The said that notwithstanding whether can apprehend Luang Por Dhammajayo or not but have to abide by the search warrant of the court, for the past 3 days, DSI officials, police, soldiers joined forces in taking actions step by step, entered to search in every area, every building, every floor, every room and searching thoroughly and did not find Luang Por Dhammajayo.  Every mission was proceeded with the good understanding between government authorities and, temple and mass medias, but on the fourth day, they turned to apply violent measure by announcing to separate monks and laypeople to vacate the temple within 3.00 p.m. on 19th February which caused the panic to the devotees of Luang Por Dhammajayo, both monks and novices, and citizens all over the country.  And they announced to call 14 monks to report to them again though they have ever reported with the authorities already, moreover, all who have been reported are in the special controlled zone of DSI, therefore, the oppression from the Government authorities is urging the people from all over the country to enter to Wat Phra Dhammakaya by the announcement of the authorities themselves.

2. 至于说,无论是否能逮捕到法胜法师?但还是要遵守法庭所颁布的搜查令。在过去三天,特别侦查组(DSI)官员、警察、军人的组合团队,逐步行动,进入每个区域、每栋建筑物、每层楼、每个房间,且进行彻底地搜查,但都无法寻获法胜法师。每项任务都在政府机构、寺院、各媒体的陪下,在良好的共识下进行。但在第4天,他们却转向使用武力手段,颁布了各僧众与在家众都得,在2017年2月19日下午3点前,离开法身寺。这导致了法胜法师的信众们都感到恐慌,包括了比丘、沙弥与全泰国人民。他们还公布召唤了14位比丘向他们报道,虽然他们都向有关当局报道了。此外,所有报道的比丘都需要到个属于特别侦查组指定的特别控管区内报道。所以政府有关当局所执行的压迫性行动,已敦促了来自全泰国各地的人们,都进入到法身寺,这都是由于当局所颁布的公告所致。

3. The Government said that they do not suppress the Temple, but in fact:


3.1 There are some Government officials in the uniform posted about using explosive in this mission.

3.1 有些穿制服的政府官员发布,有关在这次的行动中会使用炸药;

3.2 Some Government officials posted text with harsh words, impoliteness and not respecting to the triple gem.

3.2 有些政府人员还发布了些具有苛刻、无礼与不尊敬三宝的文章;

3.3 Deploying helicopter flying around the temple compound in the low flying level till creating discomfort to the devotees.

3.3 部署了直升机在寺院的上空低飞盘旋,直到让信众感到不适;

3.4 There were news in social networks apparently that there are arrangements to use tear gas and high pressure jet stream, high density noise equipment on the truck to be applied with the monks and the citizens in the temple, however, we would like to affirm that the citizens in the temple are not “mob” but they are “Dhamma Practitioners” who have been entering the temple for more than 10-50 years already and they are parents, grandfathers, grandmothers of our monks and novices in the temple, therefore, we would like to call for the authorities not to use violence with the monks, novices and citizens who come to practice Dhamma.

3.4 在社交媒体里,有些消息显示他们在准备使用催泪弹与水炮车,在卡车上的高噪声仪器,用来对付寺院里的僧众和平民。但是我们肯定在寺院里的平民,都不是乌合之众,而是些已进入寺院,已超过10至50年不等的“修习佛法者”,且他们都是我们寺院里僧众与沙弥们的父母、祖父母们。所以我们敬请有关当局,不要对来修习佛法的僧众、沙弥与平民们使用暴力。

4. The clash during the late morning of 20th February A.D. 2017

4. 在2017年2月20日的冲突中

Monks only requested the authorities to give way for the devotees who went out for meals to come back for Dhamma Practice in the temple, but the authorities who have more forces of 2 – 3 times used the violence till causing injuries to many people, and we found the patients or wounded people as follows:


1. Woman ages 63 years old was pushed to fall down and was stamped till got severe injuries, fracture on the left ribs no. 1 to no. 6, fracture on the left side of the collarbone and bruised mark on the face and nose and having the blood stain from the right ear, she was sent to Prachatipat Hospital (Diagnosis multiple fracture ribs and lt. clavicle contusion right cheek and nose).

4.1  一位 63岁的妇人,被推倒且被踩踏至重伤,导致了她的左边的第1与第6条肋骨断裂;左边的锁骨断裂;脸鼻上也有瘀伤;右耳还有血迹。她被送到帕查提啪 (音译) 医院治疗 (Diagnosis: multiple fracture ribs and lt. clavicle contusion right cheek and nose)-诊断原文.

2.  Woman ages 70 years old got both sides of chest pain and got the abrasion wound on the left elbow about 2 centimeters long, x-ray the lungs found normal at the Prachatipat Hospital and diagnosed found inflammation in the muscle and later was released to go back home.

4.2  另一位 70岁的妇人,胸部两侧疼痛,在左手肘上有道两厘米长的擦伤伤口。在帕查提啪(音译) 医院进行肺部X-光扫描时,发现正常。且被诊断出发现肌肉有发炎的状况,而过后获准出院回家了。

3.Man ages 55 years old was stamped the whole body had hemorrhage inside the sclera (Diagnosis: Subconjunctiva hemorrhage left eye and contusion left arm).

4.3 一位“55岁”的男士,全身被踩踏过,导致巩膜有内出血的情况 (Diagnosis: Subconjunctiva hemorrhage left eye and contusion left arm)- 诊断原文。

4.    One woman was stamped on left foot (Diagnosis: Contusion left foot).

4.4  一位妇女的右脚被踩踏过(Diagnosis: Contusion left foot)- 诊断原文。

5. Man ages 55 years old was electroshocked on the chest area and fell down with consciousness and felt pain on the knuckle of the toe from the crash (Diagnosis: Contusion)

4.5  另一位“55岁”的男士,胸部被电击过,并清醒地跌倒,且因脚指关节被挫伤而

感到疼痛。(Diagnosis: Contusion)- 诊断原文

6.    Man ages 37 years old got pain on the left waist from crash, no wound.


7.  One monk ages 41 years old was injured from the crash, got pain on both legs,

(Diagnosis: abrasion wound left heel ecchymosis at back and left arm.)

4.7一位41岁的比丘因被双脚被撞击而感到疼痛。(Diagnosis: abrasion wound left heel ecchymosis at back and left arm.)- 诊断原文

And there were many people who got some minor injuries and did not come to heal the wound at the first aid unit.


5. The case of saying that some group of people mentioned that they could not take any actions or some group criticized of ill-treating with the monks, we would clarify that in the part of the temple and devotees viewing that the Government has proceeded too many measures since at present, the temple, Luang Por and other related personnel have been accused with 3 arrest warrants/ 308 cases/confiscating 4 gates (since gate no. 5 – 6 were requested for daily regular commuting between the areas of 130 Rais and  2,000 Rais)/ Sealed and seized 15 buildings and the authorities have deployed forces of more than 4,800 people to siege the temple and the gateway of the 2,000 Rais area including searched every monk’s lodging  (Kuti) freely.  These are all violations of the personal right of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, Dhammakaya Foundation, Monks, Novices and devotees who created the temple.  But for the expression of the purity of the temple, we, therefore, have been giving good cooperation all along.

5. 有个案子,讲述有些团体申明到他们无法做任何回应或有些团体批评这是虐待僧团。我们想澄清,关于寺院与信众们对至今政府进行了太多措施的看法。针对寺院、法胜法师与其他相关人士的指控,例如:发出的3项逮捕令;列出了308份案件;充公了4个闸门(因5-6号闸门已被运用,作为往来于130泰亩与2,000泰亩之间的必经之路);查封与扣押了15栋建筑物;有关当局也动员了超过4,800名执行人员,来包围寺院与2,000泰亩范围之间的要道,包括任意地搜查每位比丘的僧寮。这些都已侵犯了法身寺;法身基金会;比丘;沙弥与建立寺院的信众们的人权。但为了表示寺院的清净。所以我们一直都给予了良好的配合。

Thus, Article 44 was the much severe measure that the Government has done, after searched but found nothing, it means that the missions were completed, therefore, we would like to ask for mercy and kindness from the Government and NCPO to revoke the Article 44 in order to allow monks, novices to perform their monastic tasks and let the citizens to practice Dhamma further as usual.

因此,政府因执行了临时宪法的第44号法令,已过于苛刻了。在搜查后,没发现什么,这表示这任务已经完成了。所以我们希望请求政府与国家和平秩序委员会取消第44号法令,为了让比丘、沙弥能如常地执行他们 的寺院作息,且让平民也能如常到寺院来继续修习佛法。